Textile Industry

Compressed air quality is one of the major concerns & high-quality air requirement is essential in integrated textile units.

Compressed air used in textile industry for following operations:
  1. Spinning machine
  2. Stacking Device
  3. Printing machines
  4. Sewing machines
  5. Air jet weaving
  6. Pneumatic conveying
  7. Manufacturing process
  8. Dyeing non- woven textiles
Contaminated compressed air with oil, dust and moisture comes in contact with fabric used in complete production process.
As compressed air comes in contact with clothing fabric throughout the production process, it’s recommended that manufacturers use oil-free, dry and clean compressed air. Any risk of oil coming in contact with the fabric can cause fabric-darkening , grease stains and spoils the quality of product.


Drytech always ensure application-based quality of air offering best solution to the customers need. Drytech provides solution for the automotive industry with below products

HD series offers quality class of air. The usage of filtered, dry air as per ISO recommendations results in reduced wear and tear, increased machine uptime, lower rejections, better product quality.

RD series, which can deliver the compressed air with quality of air as per ISO specification which results in save in energy/ save in time/ save in man hours with higher business profitability.
It delivers oil, moisture & dust particles free air, which results in Save in Energy
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