Steel Industry

Compressed air is widely used for utility in steel plant, it is an important source of instrument air. Other than this, compressed air is used for following applications as below:
  • Blast air for blast furnace
  • A utility gas with many uses, major among it is the operation of pneumatic devices
  • Pollution control bags
  • Ash handling
  • Heat treatment plant
  • Quality control lab
  • Low pressure air for pneumatic cylinders
  • Assembling station powering
Today, compressed air has became vital for different applications in steel industry with respect to improve production efficiency as well quality.
As per ISO 8573, contaminants in compressed air as below:
  • Dust
  • Moisture
  • Oil
Contaminated compressed air can cause disruptions & poor quality in producton as below:
  • Badly affects pneumatic tools & machines
  • Corrosion in pipe lines & other equipment
  • Increase in maintenance cost & also in downtime


Drytech always ensure application-based quality of air offering best solution to the customers need. Drytech provides solution for the automotive industry with below products
HD series offers quality class of air. The usage of filtered, dry air as per ISO recommendations results in reduced wear and tear, increased machine uptime, lower rejections, better product quality.
RD series, which can deliver the compressed air with quality of air as per ISO specification which results in save in energy/ save in time/ save in man hours with higher business profitability.
It delivers oil, moisture & dust particles free air, which results in Save in Energy
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