Pet Bottle Industry

Compressed Air is used in Pet Bottle Industry for below applications:
  • High Pressure for pet blowing :
  • High pressure air used to preform blowing to bottle size in a die Generally,
    range of Pressure: – 25 to 42 bar
  • Low Pressure :
  • Low Pressure air is generally used for instrumentation purpose for cylinder of valves etc. application.
  • Conveying plastic pellets
  • Tool powering
As per ISO 8573:1 for instrumentation application is 2:2:3 which indicates:
  • Dust         : 1µ
  • Moisture : (-) 40 deg. C ADP
  • Oil            : 1 PPM


Drytech can provide a total package which will deliver compressed air quality as per ISO 8573.1 as below:
HD series offers quality class of air. The usage of filtered, dry air as per ISO recommendations results in reduced wear and tear, increased machine uptime, lower rejections, better product quality.
RD series, which can deliver the compressed air with quality of air as per ISO specification which results in save in energy/ save in time/ save in man hours with higher business profitability.
It delivers oil, moisture & dust particles free air, which results in Save in Energy
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