Duplex filter

Description :
Duplex filters are designed and manufactured for user friendly service for long life. Most suitable to various fluids for ease of operation on continuous duty basis. The changeover is very smooth to facilitate the flow from one housing to other for cleaning or replacing the clogged filter cartridge. The design is compact, yet handles flow with least pressure drop.
  1. Water treatment plant
  2. Dust suppression system
  3. Boiler application
  4. ETP
  5. Cooling towers
  6. Locations systems
Salient features:
  • User friendly design with extra -large filtration area
  • Easy to install/handle
  • Compact design
  • Smooth change over operation, wide range in model filter mesh
  • Economical in cost & operation being low differential pressure
  • Option of verity of accessories available
Inlet/Outlet Connection Size Type Of Connection Screwed/Flgd Flow In LPM Op.Pressure In Bar
1″ Screwed 50 10
1½” Flanged 115 10
2″ Flanged 200 10
2½” Flanged 275 10
3″ Flanged 415 10
4″ Flanged 720 10
5″ Flanged 1175 10
6″ Flanged 1775 10
8″ Flanged 3000 10
10″ Flanged 4650 10
12″ Flanged 6300 10
Construction :
The design/construction of duplex filter is user friendly in concept with robust construction.
The material of construction (MOC) for cartridge generally is carbon steel(CS)/ SS.
Options are available for various MOC as per fluid suitability.
Filtration levels are generally available from 50 micron up to 500 micron.
Accessories supplied are pressure gauges with isolation valves, differential pressure
gauges, pressure switch, actuators etc. are at extra cost can be supplied.
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