Auto Drain Devices

Description :

The entrainment of condensate along with air flow in compressed air system to end use applications are extremely harmful, if system not drained regularly. The ideal solution for regular effective draining oil & moisture from compressed Air System is Drytech Electronic Auto Drain Valve. ( E A D V ).

Location :
Air receiver, After Cooler, Moisture separator, Filters, Dryers & Drop Legs etc.
Salient Features :​
  • Easy replacement of timer card only and not full assembly.
  • Longest drain time frequencies for saving compressed air energy.
  • Individual application capacities like receivers, filters and separators etc.
  • Longer service life by way of having supplied with inlet 'Y' type strainers.
Advantages :
  • Prevents moistures / oil carry over to pneumatic equipments.
  • Discharges Condensate with high velocity without clogging.
  • Lesser maintenance cost of pneumatically operated equipments
  • Increased operation efficiency of pneumatically operated equipments.
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